By: Anonymous

Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, and everyone on social media will be showcasing their love and affection for their loved ones. I will be at home watching Nicholas Sparks movies while fantasizing about my current love life.

The single life is not new for me, but last summer I was in a relationship with an amazing person. When I say amazing, I mean amazing. I am not gassing either. Many of the guys that came my way were very unfocused, not passionate about the things I was passionate about. I would not even give them my house address. After my freshman year of college, I decided to take a dip into the love life. To be honest, I did not know how to date, so I watched Nicholas Sparks movies to see how being in a relationship would be. I was so focused on my work and school that I never really thought about dating.  I was so scared to take that next step, but eventually, I met a guy who I had known for a while, and we clicked once I got back home from college. We went on our first date, I was so scared that I watched the movie “Southside With You” before the date and asked my friend to help me pick an outfit.

That summer was filled with butterflies and roses, my stomach felt like that every time I saw him. For some reason, I was able to be myself around him. I was able to wear my basketball shorts with my Hillary Clinton shirt. He let me complain about the election after six months after the election. We would walk down the river almost every night and I never appreciated nature until then.  We would talk for hours and hours about our dreams, goals, and how we hope to make the world a better place for not only ourselves, but for others.

​We would play basketball even though I lost my passion for basketball; for some reason, he inspired me to pick up the basketball again. We would drive for a long time, knowing we were wasting gas.  When things went wrong, he would be the person I could call. He was the first person who would read my blog website when I first started writing; now I am a published and paid writer. The crazy thing this Valentine’s Day I won’t be sad, but happy with the memories. Of course, I will be watching Nicholas Sparks with my ice cream, but I am thankful to have experienced a real relationship. Although he and I are not together anymore, I truly wish him the best and I thank him for helping me become a better woman.

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