By: Anonymous
Everyone has experienced love in their lifetime. Whether it’s relationship wise, something you love to do, and even loving a family member. Love has a way of showing itself differently but remains the same word throughout. Senior year in high school I realized that I did believe in love at first sight. He was in a grade under me but was on the same level as me mentally (sometimes). First time seeing him I immediately slid into his dms making it seem like it was not intentionally. Who knew I would spend 2 years of my life with him. At the beginning of our relationship, it was very rough because other females wanted him too. You never know how much you love someone until you feel the pain when you see your loved one talking to someone of the opposite sex innocently. But because I loved him I knew for a fact it was nothing more. Seeing him every day, the butterflies in my stomach was constantly there, seeing him play on the football field hoping he doesn’t get hurt, and cheering him on, the butterflies were there. Waiting for him after his game, the butterflies remained. My smile never drifted away whenever I was with him. To have love, you need someone who is going to treat you like the King and Queen you were born to be. Someone who shows you why they love you and not just say it. “ Love is what it does, not what it says”.

​In the second year of our relationship, the butterflies started drifting away. He didn’t look at me like he loved me anymore. He wasn’t as excited to see me as he was in our first year. He wasn’t showing the affection that I deserved anymore. (This is the part where you know love hurts). Hearing rumors in high school that your boyfriend, the one you loved and stood by his side through everything he went through, was talking to another female, that is when my heart shattered. Deciding if I should believe it or not. Hearing this in one ear and that in another, you begin to lose yourself because you don’t want to believe it. I would ask him and he would either tell me it’s not true or change the subject. What I did to get to the bottom of it was talking to the female who was “supposedly” talking to my boyfriend. After finding out the truth I knew what my next step was. Ended a relationship with a broken heart, and eyes full of tears. I loved that boy, and I did anything for him. But just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean he didn’t love me. To this day, I am careful with who I talk to and very careful of the signs they may send just to break my heart in the end. Because of that break up I learned a very important lesson, take your time with the person you’re in a relationship with, no need to rush love, it will happen if it is meant, and we’re young so let’s not forget to live our lives and we can most definitely love later.

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