By Destine

Self -love is something that is so important. Especially as women. it is crucial that we are constantly working on our self- love.  People sometimes don’t realize, but the way we feel about ourselves affects a lot of our decisions and our relationships with people. Poor self- esteem can stem from many things. It can come from traumas, lack of parental/family presence, bullying, etc…  No matter the source of it, it is important to address the issue. There are many tactics and habits that can help improve one’s self-esteem. Something as simple as telling yourself you are beautiful every day in the mirror can be helpful. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. I say to this to say that self-confidence doesn’t happen overnight and you will definitely have moments where you aren’t that confident. The goal is to not be confident all the time (because that’s impossible) but to be confident as much as possible.

Being confident can take you to places that you think are beyond your reach. You will also find that you have better relationships with those around you. People will respect you more when they see that you carry yourself with confidence. You will not tolerate anything less than you deserve which in turn saves you from being disrespected. With confidence you will be surer of yourself and your decisions. You will become more fearless and will work harder for the things that you want. Having self-love is a key component to having a more meaningful life.

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