By: Kailin Zhang


Fourteen years is an incredible amount of time to wait for an incredible movie to come out! Of course we’re talking about the Incredibles 2! The movie starts out with the Parr family living a supposedly normal life, but the family is clearly miserable – no superpowers, can’t save the world and no adventures would be memorable. Yet, this all changes when Elastigirl – not Mr. Incredible, is called to action to help bring superpowers back in with the law. #GirlPower at its finest! Elastigirl is smart, cool, and both a brave mother and hero. She’s ready to save the day and take action, though a little reluctant at first to leave her family behind. We see Mr. Incredible grows a little jealous, as he is used to the attention focused on him, but we see his parenting skills develop in the absence of Elastigirl and all of the effort and love he has towards his children. The Incredibles 2 also present a new side to Violet, the girl we all knew and loved from the first movie. The movie highlights a newfound confidence in Violet, who leads her siblings in helping save her parents. One of the aspects I’ve always loved of the Incredibles series is the focus on family above all else. The movie does not only focus on the children saving the day like in many other children’s movies, but also gives a vital role to the parents as well – with a little humor as we watch Mr. Incredible attempt to care for all three of the kids at once. I won’t give anything away, but the plot was a teeny bit predictable for a teenager who has watched her fair share of animated movies.  On the other hand, I was still satisfied with the movie and could definitely see how the movie would be engaging and surprising for younger children. As Edna Mode once said, “I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.” After watching the movie, I looked back and replayed Edna and Jack-Jack scenes, which had everyone in the theater laughing over. Edna is so sassy and I would love to have seen more scenes of Edna and Jack-Jack together, but we’ll take what we can get. I’m a little biased, as Edna is one of my favorite Pixar characters of all time. Edna’s amusement and interest in little Jack-Jack’s powers show us a sweet side to the sassy woman we got to know in the first movie. The constant themes of family emphasized throughout the movie was so powerful and wonderful, and truly brings the movie together as the perfect family night movie. The Incredibles 2 was such a great movie and is one of my favorite movies of the entire year so far!


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