By: Jasmine Greene

Is it just me, or is makeup just NOW trying to give the darker shades of skin tones makeup options? After Rihanna introducing Fenty beauty, other makeup companies decided to speak about how “been providing the countless shades for black girls.” I use quotes around that because being a dark-skinned girl who is into makeup knows that is a LIE. It is just so annoying that girls of darker skin tones have to go above and beyond to find something that matches their skin tone, while people of lighter tones have no problem finding a myriad of options for their shade. I wish there could be a makeup store that tends to black girls specifically so that I would not have so much trouble trying to find the right color. Don’t get me wrong there are SOME brands that have darker shades of foundation such as Makeup Forever, but those brands are also very expensive. I used try to stick to just drugstore brands but it was hard for me to find my shades there as well. The ONLY thing that is easier for me to buy is concealer that I use to highlight. Since my highlight is lighter than my skin it is easier to find, but finding a contour is twice as hard as finding foundation that matches my color. If I can’t find a foundation to match my skin tone then trying to find a contour darker than me is like lost hope. Fenty beauty foundation is literally my favorite foundation right now and I recommend it to everyone. It’s affordable, especially for my age group, it provides great quality, and doesn’t have an oily residue feeling after the day is over. The shade 470 fits so perfectly for my skin I could have cried and the coverage was not too much or too little. When I used to purchase from MAC or Sephora, it always felt like a chore because in order to reach my foundation, I’d have to mix different ones for my shade.  No matter where I went, I felt hopeless because I could never find the right makeup for me. Everytime I look at another brand of makeup there’s always so many light shades, and as they get darker they lessen. It makes me upset because if a company can make that many shades for lighter people, then why not the same for darker people? I remember one time I went to a beauty expo in NY and I tried to buy makeup and ended up leaving with just lipstick, eyelashes, and mascara. Every other item they had was created for shades that were not close to mine. Even some that I came across would have just one dark shade as if ever dark-skinned person is the same exact shade. Its 2018, I just wish that we can advance the makeup industry and be more aware of the people who are buying their products. I always have to go out of my way to find products and I wish it can just be as easy for my skin tone as it is for others when it comes to shopping for products.


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