Let’s get that out of our heads. In fact, self care is necessary in order for us to flourish and truly thrive within our lives. With every day packed with activities and events, it is crucial to step back and spend time to rest and recover – and truly focus on ourselves.  From understanding it’s okay to take a break and understanding what you need is the importance and key assets to self care.

So what does self care look like? Well, self care is different for each and every person. Whether it’s working out, practicing yoga, reading, watching the sky, putting on a face mask, drinking tea, painting, or a huge variety of other activities, each person cares for themselves in a different way. By taking time out of a busy lifestyle to wind down and focus on ourselves, we make small improvements to both mental and physical health and wellness – which over time, amass a great impact on our lives.

With busy lives, it may often seem counterproductive to take time out of our days to focus on ourselves. Yet, self care actually helps us to progress in many ways that are often difficult to notice when we don’t pay attention. For instance, by taking a break such as going out for a walk, research has found that self care helps individuals to refocus and also reduces the negative effects of stress. Therefore, we are more focused and can be more productive in completing our work and getting everything finished, while also caring for ourselves. Self care has also been found to raise self-esteem, which is necessary in order to reach one’s full potential.

While many people may claim to not have enough time for self care, in reality, everyone has a different way that self care can fit in their schedules. Since self care is so diverse, what makes one person feel better may not work for another. Self care is an essential part of wellness, and should not be ignored due to a supposed “lack of time.” Whether it be three minutes or three hours, self care can be fit into any schedule.

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