More than half the world can agree that we have at least been in love once in our lives. We are able to retrace to our first relationship,whether it was our one and only true love, or the one who may have gotten away, or even the one who broken our hearts into a millions pieces. It ends up being the standard reasoning, typical relationship madness or too young to understand what true love is.  Being young and not being able to express how you feel is complete confusion, but we think we already know it. What humans would define the characteristics of a truelove would be of the following:

  • A deep intense feeling of deep affection
  • a person or one thing that one loves
  • A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.


Most people would think true love wouldn’t include the sexual aspect. On the contrary, loving someone because of just sexual feelings towards them could represent love as well. Many people can easily argue that love isn’t just a sexual feeling, rather it’s more of an emotional feeling. Or even others may say that love is spiritual. Or some may even agree that it could consist of all three: sexual, spiritual, and emotional.  Humans can’t just love people based off of sexual attraction or based on their looks because looks decay just like a tooth, so people look for the other characteristics that will make them just as attractive. You can also argue that lust can play a part of being in love it’s emotional. Love could be expressed as an open, existing, and a feeling of appreciation someone for exactly who they are with no facades or expectations.  Ideally, love doesn’t have a single definition, there could be multiple meanings for humans in every aspect. One statement humans could agree on is that love is unconditional and abundant, there’s no way you could ever run of it.


Then here comes in the “knowing the difference between love and lust”  because many people seem to confuse the two. The definition of lust is a very sexual desire for someone. Which can easily and is still easily been mistaken as love. Since both could be described as desires, it could be confusing for which one you actually feel for the other human. Many people think they love someone based off of the lust they have for them when in reality it’s not love and that’s why it fades away fast. It’s more about the way they make you feel when they look at you. Then some may argue that true love is loving yourself first and knowing yourself before you can give yourself to someone.  Loving yourself first and being content with who you and the flaws you have helps the journey more. When you truly understand that you will have differences and you won’t always get along you find the true root of learning to love someone for who they are. You have to be able to love this person unconditionally which mean you’re willing to love this person no matter what they do you or what they don’t do. This love is given to this person regardless.

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