A trend that we are seeing more and more often, Taking the world by storm is “Flaw Accepting Fashion Campaigns” we are seeing it more often that the fashion and beauty industry are accepting what society has named as flawed. A hashtag was started by a fashion brand in the UK called Missguided the hashtag is called “ In Your Own Skin” their goal of this campaign is too embrace attributes that would be considered flaws or imperfections in mainstream beauty. They wanted to celebrate differences by showing scars,burns,birthmarks,freckles, ableism as something that people should be proud of and not hide. This campaign gets across this message by show models like Mariana Mendes, Joanne Dion, Beth Brice, Isabella Fernandes, Polly Ellens, and Maya Spencer-Berkeley.  This isn’t Missguided’s first attempt in challenging societal norms last year they had another hashtag by the name of “ make your mark” where they would post unedited photos of their models.I could relate so much to this campaign, and seeing the empowerment hits home for me.


This is important to me as a African American female it isn’t everyday that i see a model who looks like me and is accepted and praised for her beautiful dark skin and her curly hair, it’s just not something you see but as a female this is something I’ve been waiting for something like this. So I don’t fear hatred over the fact that my body and looks don’t match society’s values. A campaign like this challenges those standards and make me as a female feel more accepted, it hits home for others because we all know people who have been shamed because we were taught how society will value us. We’ve been shamed or know someone who has been shamed because they were not perfect and didn’t fit in one way or another. This campaign shows us even with mainstream trying to tell us that something is perfect what truly is perfect is a human accepting themselves even if they have not conformed to society’s norm. Now of course a movement is going to receive backlash.  
There are people who do not support positive movements such as this,but something that was pointed out is they speak towards body positivity but they only go up to a UK size 16 having customers and critics pointing out there slight downfall in not making there sizes match there all inclusive messages. This is a very important campaign in general because from a young age we are teaching kids that they need to grow up and look a certain way from hair, body shape, skin color and more of these ways are forced on us by models that are deemed to be “perfect”,having models that are shown with there imperfections is what everyone needs young and old showing us that even these people that we say are perfect they have there imperfections and they are just as beautiful its is a wake up call to society that noone is perfect were all different and we all still need to be loved and accepted.      

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