Women were known to take a back seat in everything that was commonly done by men. Apparently men ran the world. They were the police officers, the criminal investigators, the judges, and more. Women were treated like slaves and were looked down upon for committing to jobs that were “out of their leagues”. Women in criminal justice have to face a handful. When women would would report rapes, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to support it. There was a time in the slavery era when African American women would report a rape, but would receive backlash because they were women of color and because they “deserve everything that was coming”. There is a movement that has been around for more than 10 years and it has been very helpful to the community of women that do not feel comfortable reporting their rape incidents.

The “Me Too” movement was created in 2006 to aid survivors of sexual violence, mostly for women of color. Women of color are looked down upon when reporting a rape or sexual assault incident especially by a “brother” because they are seen as trying to degrade their race or even get blamed for the incident happening to them. In an article, the purpose of The “Me Too” movement’s goal is to create an environment of “advocates, driven by survivors, who will be at the forefront for creating solutions to interrupt sexual violence in their communities” (“Me too”, para 5). Technology plays an important role in the “me too” movement because with the help of social media, the hashtag has gone viral and more individuals came out and created conversation based off of their personal stories. Tarana Burke found the “Me Too” movement and in an article, one of the statistics that were stated included, “17,700,000 women have reported a sexual assault since 1998” (Burke 1). These numbers continue to grow because the criminal justice system has yet to properly create a system where there can finally be a decrease in these outrageous numbers. Although “America wasn’t first… women in other countries have broken their silence about sexual misconduct, too, in recent years” (Sengupta, para 4), they have set it in stone for the justice system to be forced to change something around.

Movements such as the “Me Too” movement cannot stand alone. Individuals can scream, cry, chant, walk, run and more, but nothing will change until the government put their foot down to actually help those survivors. The movement will impact the Criminal Justice system in a way that’ll have our leaders open their eyes and realize that more individuals are reporting their rapes and sexual assaults. Some want to be heard and some actually want action to be done. The Criminal Justice System owes the survivors justice in their cases and for those whose’ cases were swept under the rug while serving for the U.S.

Being that I am a woman, there are certain things that I can say I should take precaution with. But in all honesty, the world comes with a lot of dirt, it is not always your job to clean it up. It is us to our superiors to put in place the correct laws and bindings that can help those who continue to destroy that lives of innocent people. Rape can start off from many different ways that include cyber stalking or even stalking in person. There are so many actions that can lead to rape and it is not the victim’s fault. The government often finds themselves asking the victim whether were taking part in drugs or alcoholic activities. I absolutely believe that that is unfair because no one willingly puts themselves out there to get raped. There should be safety procedures around our cities not just college campuses. There should be a buzzer every and anywhere so when someone feels that they are not safe, they can hit the buzzer and someone will help them right away. There are many ways that rape can be prevented if the government started to take action and listen instead of fighting back or sweeping everything under the rug.

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