When you think about a pit bull, some people may think of danger, but a pit bull owner thinks of their dog as loyal, loving, and playful. Imagine a pit bull owner pried away from their dog, just because of a single law. This law has affected many lives when families were forced to watch their precious dog leave their homes and heart. How could you argue with a pit bull owner when they say their pit bulls are apart of their family, attacks are too focused on pit bulls, and their pit bull’s appearance doesn’t say anything about their personality.

To begin, when you think of family pets, Golden Retrievers, or maybe beagles come to thought, but how about pit bulls? They are a dog breed and they are generous and giving. There are pit bull owners who could state various pieces of evidence say that their pit bulls are vividly apart of their family. For example in the newspaper article ”Miami-Dade County Votes To Keep Pit Bulls Out” Mark Buehrle, a famous advocate for pit bulls, relocates his family’s location to Broward County in order to keep his beloved family’s pit bull. This shows that Buehrle would rather keep his pit bull than lose his pet due to Miami-Dade County’s law against pit bulls. Clearly this shows that Buehrle cares for his pit bull and is one of many pit bull owners that could say that his pet is vividly apart of his family and life in a positive way.

To continue, when you hear about dog attacks they are usually focused on pit bulls. Have you ever heard of a golden retriever or a poodle attack? You might rarely or might have never heard of a dog attack that has a good reputation. But if a pit bull does attack, even once, they are framed for being a vicious or dangerous dog. For instance, James Cross states that the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) specifically tells animal control officers that they will not cover a dog attack unless the attack is being situated by a pit bull. This goes to show that even associations that try to prevent cruelty to animals even try to focus attacks on pit bulls by trying to “eliminate” the presence of other dog attacks, “… the media intentionally over-reports incidents involving pit bulls, while keeping silent on attacks committed by dogs with better reputations, such as labradors”. This goes on to show that attacks are too focused on pit bulls when other dogs with better reputations also are involved in attacks.

Would you judge a dog by their appearance, or will you see a dog for who they are, and what their soul really holds with their love for human beings and other creatures? Pit bulls consist the same heart and love as much as and other dog has. But even the name this dog breed is given, pitbull, seems scary when you hear it, but their title or appearance doesn’t mean anything until you really get to know the dogs, then you really know that pit bulls aren’t harsh.

Pit bulls lives should not be affected by people’s thoughts against them, you should always remember that pit bulls are apart of people’s family, attacks are too focused on pit bulls, and the pit bull’s appearance doesn’t say anything about their personality.

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