Student loans are recognized as a financial resource that young adults rely on in order to get a higher education, even if they can’t entirely afford their payments during a particular time in their life. Although student loans are a resource, the accumulation of debt that is collected from students hampers their adult experiences throughout their entire life.  The money that students owe will only grow bigger as their motivation for an average life sinks. Student debt is affecting adult’s lives after graduation because of the limited independent careers that students can choose from, increasing tuition fees, and the limited number of people recovering from their debt.

To begin, adults are less likely to create their own businesses if they still have student loans to pay off. Student loans can affect the decision that adults have to make when it is time for them to choose a career path. If a student chooses to create a business, they have to take the responsibility of the company and be able to support it. The risk of creating a new company might be too high for a former student to handle. Being responsible for student loans and a business that would need financial support would be too much of a risk that adults might not be able to handle. “When students use up their debt capacity on student loans, they can’t commit  elsewhere,” . Student debt is keeping students from having the career they have worked so hard to attain through the knowledge they needed to gain.

To continue, the increasing tuition fees of college education seem unattainable for students. College is portrayed as a source of mandatory education in order to have a decent life. Although college helps to ensure a job, the increasing tuition and yearly fees are making the “needed” education limited to certain people and classes who can afford the increasing prices. Many people try to gain help through grants, local and university scholarships, campus employment, and many more sources. But even the resources that are given to students can’t fully give them full closure to all of their financial obligations. Tuition isn’t the only costs, there are also books, rooms, travel, miscellaneous expenses, etc. All these expenses add up and make a student overwhelmed by the money they owe. “Published tuition and fees rose about 3% from last year even though the government reports there has been basically no inflation”.  Is making the price higher producing more knowledgeable people into the work field?

Finally, the limited number of adults recovering from debt is not enough. The number of adults paying off all of their debt is sinking as former students struggle to keep up with their payments. It’s not surprising that a percentage of students are not paying or on track with their debt when in just the last decade that the “total student loan debt tripled… to a whopping $1.232 trillion”. Student loans have taken over common households far exceeding other debt such as “credit cards, auto loan, and all other forms of debt, except for mortgages”. Is it too hard for adults to pay off their debt in the short amount of time they are given.

In conclusion, student loans are changing the lives of graduating students. Student loans are keeping back students from creating the life they are trying so hard to attain through a proper education, then, hopefully, get a proper job. The limited number of students who have chosen to create their own business that have had student debt is not what it should be, student debt is holding back students from the opportunities that should be accessible to them. Should the lives of our future have to worry about paying back the government, or changing the world with their knowledge.


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