How important is speaking another language if everyone else in the world is learning English? Really important! Some people may argue that the rest of the world is learning English, so learning another language is not as important as other priorities in life. Although people around the world are being taught to speak English on top of their native language, there is a significant importance in learning another language. Learning another language can open various doors in a person’s life. For instance a person who can speak another language will most likely get a better job because they are multilingual.  Most colleges already require their students to have at least a two year study of a foreign language, and learning a different language can expose people to more information on the web.

Wouldn’t you agree that learning another language should be required of all U.S. students because there is a higher possibility that an adult who can speak another language will get a job before an adult of the same age who has little to no experience with a foreign language. If you belong to a company, most likely there will be at least one instance when a customer will not be able to speak English. What will the company do when they could potentially lose one of their clients because they don’t have someone to speak their same language?  An easy solution is to hire an employee that can speak a popular foreign language.

Most colleges already require students to have at least a “two year study” in a foreign language. Most high schools already require their students to take a language during their high school years as well, and as a result the two year requirement has already been met. But if the students only take a two year study of their language, they may not have enough experience with their foreign language to absolutely learn the language fully. Requiring students to speak another language would mean that the students would have to start learning in kindergarten or an early age and continue to study the language throughout their school career. When the language is introduced early, there is a higher possibility that the students will retain the language better than just starting their classes in high school and only having two to four years of the language

Another advantage to learning a foreign language would be that students will be able to read other articles online that are in different languages around the world.  “With advancements in technology, the world is becoming better connected. More and more, information on the internet is available in multiple languages, and information isn’t confined to being shared only from English publications.” On the internet there is so much information being shared in various different languages. Say a student has a project in Spanish class about the geography of Spain. Articles could be provided in English, but there could also be certain articles that could be in Spanish as well. These articles in different languages could be written by the people who actually live in that area of the world.

Interestingly enough, some people might argue that the rest of “the world is striving to learn English, Americans wonder why they should bother to learn other languages” . If the rest of the world is learning English, why should English speakers have to worry about learning to communicate in another language? Although this claim does prove a valid point, there are many ways that this statement is completely wrong. When this claim is said, it makes America seem like we do not want to learn another language and embrace other countries and their cultures. Saying that it is not necessary to learn another language because everyone else can speak our language makes us seem egotistical and arrogant. Learning another language will broaden our horizons to new cultures and belief around the world.  

The importance of learning another language is very important and it should be a requirement that students should be able to speak another language. Requiring students to speak another language might seem like a hassle when you are younger, but will become an advantage once you get older.

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