For high school students, college may seem scary and exciting. Being on your own, parties, meeting new people and taking classes that interest you are all things to be excited about. However, college is the first step to building a future for yourself and what you do there can affect the rest of your life. Seeking advice before you get to college will help you in many ways.

As a sophomore in college, I have a lot of advice for high school seniors about to partake in their first year of college. First, I would like to advise high school students to take advantage of scholarships. This was a mistake I made because I thought only students with 4.0 GPAs receive scholarships  students would receive a scholarship. However, I was wrong. A lot of my friends with a 3.0 or even lower received outside scholarships. College is very expensive and students should take every advantage to receive money. Members of the YesSheCanCampaign should also take advantage of the weekly emails that include scholarships.

Another piece of advice for high school students is to take advantage of your first year of college. The mistake I made was not getting involved and staying in my room all day. College is all about networking and you should start networking as soon as you get there. Instead of isolating yourself,, students should go to events on campus and join clubs. My school particularly sends weekly emails of events that are happening on campus. Take advantage of those emails and participate in some of the events. Joining clubs is one of the easiest ways to meet new people and get involved on campus. Joining clubs can also help you find purpose and allow you to network. You do not want to start writing your resume and have nothing to put on it. However, do not allow your involvement in these extracurricular activities to affect your grades. . Never forget the main reason why you are in college. Grades do not define you but are a big contribution to whether you get internships and if you are able to get into different majors. You do not want to be that person that can’t get into their desired major because your grades are not high enough. Freshmen in college often times do not take their General Education requirements seriously, causing their GPA to fall. Gen Eds is the easiest way to get your GPA to a good place. Freshman year is not easy but do not give up!

The last piece of advice I would give high school students is to be yourself and get to know yourself in college. College is the time where you can really get to connect with your true self, make friends that accept the real you and find out what your passions are. Don’t lose yourself trying to fit in. College is the time to be the real you!  Just remember to make the best out of college because college is the best time of your life!


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